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Ready to eat meals
(A complete meal with 5 oz protein portions {when applicable}, paired with plant based sides)


1. Strawberry spinach salad w/grilled chicken breasts: spinach, almonds, strawberries, grape tomatoes, organic chicken breasts

2. apple Chicken Salad: all natural chicken, walnuts, craisins, dairy free mayo, fuji apples, on a bed of spinach

3. Stuffed sweet potato: organic sweet potato, buffalo pulled chicken, scallions, cashew cream

4. Chicken spring rolls w/bright radish carrot salad

5. creamy egg salad over romaine lettuce

6. turkey slider w/lettuce buns and sweet platanos: ground turkey, lettuce, plantains, roma tomato


1.ground turkey, onion, garlic, green peppers, organic broccoli

2. Vegan Mandarin "chicken", jasmine rice, broccoli

3. crispy baked chicken thighs, marinated cucumbers and red onions

4. Broiled salmon w/garlic linguine

5. beef and broccoli: grassfed beef, garlic butter broccoli,jasmine rice

6. Super greens salad w/ grilled shrimp: tomato, parsley, arugula, red onion, shrimp, lemon, balsamic vin